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What’s the difference between mediums and psychics?

As we browse the Internet, we get confronted with different terms explaining spiritual advisory work. Now and again, the terms medium and psychic are used interchangeably to define individuals who use divination practices and many people lump them into the same category, but there are clear differences between the two.

First anf foremost, psychic abilities can be developed, while being a medium is supposed to be a gift an individual is born with. Mediumship is extremely rare. A medium might have psychic abilities, but a psychic may not be a medium. A medium has the ability to connect with spirits who once lived as humans but are now residing in the spiritual realm, and this can be accomplished by channeling, in which the medium acts as a mediator for the other side. People usually turn to mediums to help their grieving process after a loved one has passed away or to help untangle issues that were left open-ended at the time of someone’s decease. Mediums can also communicate with spirit guides.

On the other hand, a professional psychic usually works at an intuitive level and has the ability to perceive signs, clues and hints that are hidden from the normal senses via extra-sensory methods, which is generally called sixth sense. Extra-sensory perception is used to gain insight that would otherwise not be accessible to the regular range of senses. In other words, a psychic is someone who has honed the art of perceiving incoming information that is usually ignored. A psychic may be able to predict the future in many areas, such as love, money and career, by using a variety of tools or spiritual channels. Tarot Cards are frequently used by psychics.

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